An article on a court reporter who wrote "I hate my job" over and over instead of testimony.

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Yeah, I saw this on Facebook.  Just shocking.  This man obviously has some serious emotional problems.  This does not help all the reporters that were officials and lost their jobs for ER.  This does so much damage, he has no idea.  So sad.

I can't even imagine the damage on the cases

Yes, it is terrible that he let stress and whatever he held within himself overtake him.  But, question, even though he was writing gibberish, did they check to see if those files had automatic audio insync?  Did they check his software?  If he was on up-to-date software, it's usually set up where the audio insync starts after about the fifth stroke.  Unless he was so turned off by the job and hated it that bad to sabotage the whole idea of a verbatim transcript.


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