Just wondering what anyone thinks about an agency requiring all transcripts to be turned in to them within five business days?  Isn't that a bit quick if you're backed up?



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They're probably promising their clients 8-day delivery on all work for no extra charge.    I don't participate in that.  I get  my work in on the 8th day and sometimes, if I'm really busy, on the 9th day, in both cases in the morning.

I'm with you.  I'm used to eight-day, in the morning.  A couple agencies ask for seven-day.

Correction..............it is five-day turn in, not even six-day!



I'm sure they're using it for marketing purposes.  Best way to get more business because it doesn't cost anything.  Maybe the firm can increase your percentage and/or page rate to compensate you for the work you won't be able to accept due to the quicker turnaround.  

Do they penalize you if you turn it in on the 7th day?  I know one 8-day turnaround firm that will dock you a certain percentage for every day past the 8 days.  I'd be nervous too about a 6-day policy. Sometimes my scopist is backed up and sometimes there are jobs that just take much longer than you ever imagined.  Not to mention maybe spending time with your family  ;)  

I have a much more outspoken friend who just states her page rate for a ?-day turnaround, and then the firm either accepts her rates or doesn't use her.  

Luckily, there are some very creative reporters on this site who will have the right answer. 

They don't saying anything about docking you............I do have some firms I work for that will if it's not turned in in the agreed-to days.  This is the first time I've taken jobs for this firm and I feel they should have told me it was five-day turn around or I wouldn't have agreed to that.
If they didn't tell you beforehand, I'd bill them your page rate for a 5-day turnaround.  Be sure to turn in an invoice with the job.
That, to me, is a %60 expedite.  I don't think so.  My office expects the transcript on the 8th business day, and I can live with that.
Five days would be very tough for me.   That's still at expedite for me.  I am pretty spoiled though.


You are not spoiled to be calling 5-day an expedite.  Why would you say that?  We don't give our goods away, including rush delivery.

This is the way it's always been (the bones of it anyway) and certainly the way it should be:

Rush work on 0&1 and copies (business days only; weekends & holidays excluded) 

(same day delivery:  150% surcharge.  If "next day" falls on a weekend or holiday:  125% surcharge.  Weekend due date:  5% additional)  

1-day (next day) (daily), 100% surcharge (125% if due date is weekend or holiday)

2-day expedited, 90% surcharge (95% if due date is weekend or holiday)

3-day expedited, 80% surcharge (85% if due date is weekend or holiday)

4-day expedited, 65% surcharge  (72% if due date is weekend or holiday)

5-day regular expedited, 50% surcharge  (57% if due date is weekend or holiday)

6-day delivery, 40% surcharge  (45% if due date is weekend or holiday)

7-day delivery, 30% surcharge    (35% if due date is weekend or holiday)

8-day delivery, 20% surcharge  (25% if due date is weekend or holiday)

9-day delivery, 10% surcharge  (15% if due date is weekend or holiday)

10-day regular delivery, no surcharge, basic 2-week delivery rate

            [If rush order placed on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th business day after the dep, the clock starts ticking when they call.   If it’s ordered on the 5th business day or later, normal expedite charge + 10%.] 


What I think about it isn't suitable for a family forum. 

The censored version is that I think with that requirement, you're entitled to an expedite fee of at least 50 percent. 


You know, I haven't had a firm allow me to charge more than 80 percent expedite for 2-day delivery in a long while.


I don't have a problem with 8 business day, understanding they want some time in production to give ten day to their client. 



Eight-day is my normal turnaround.
I absolutely agree.


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