I am a new reporter and was looking for a scopist. I found JMScoping, and she was very persistent to take on work. I sent her a 37-page transcript and didn't hear from her for over a week. I contacted her a few days before it was due for me and a day after it was due for her. She informed me she was ill and wouldn't be able to complete the job. I told her I hope she felt better. I let a few days go by for her recovery and then contacted her with a very civil and professional e-mail letting her know that if she takes on work for a reporter it becomes her responsibility to let the reporter know if she is unable to complete the job. She responded with a very emotionally driven e-mail and finished it off with I was very mean....I am unsure how to handle this type of energy in a person. I wrote back that I do hope she feels better and to not contact me again.

I know this is a forum for good scopist, but I want to warn any new reporters who may come in contact with JMScoping. She was not just unreliable, she was also unreasonable once confronted very gently with her error.

Thank you.

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