I am part of a group of reporters over on FB in negotiations with SG for a group purchase of the Duet 2.0 case - the more purchasers we have the better our chances at getting a really great price, so join us!!!!  The bag sells for $215.95 and we've gotten them down to $185.  If you are SERIOUSLY interested, please message me by 5 p.m. Friday, May 25.


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Very interested.  Anything to make my load lighter and more organized.  Please email me the particulars at kathrynnecamposgil at yahoo dot com.

I am also interested.  Please email me at fe.duncan@sbcglobal.net

Am I a couple of years too late or is this ongoing?  Thanks, Eloia

Way too late!

Thank you.

I just had a job this last week where I had an entire huge box full of exhibits, 50 of them that barely fit in a huge box.  I could never have gotten that box to my car.  However, since I have a Tutto, I have two bunji chords that I just strapped the box on top of my rolling case and walked to my car.  By the way, I've had to do this walking five blocks in San Francisco with two huge boxes on top of my case.  The attorneys just leave you at the end of the day with a huge load and don't care how you're going to get the exhibits out of there; very frustrating.  If I didn't have my Tutto, there is no way on earth I could get these boxes to my car.  With the picture above - not happening!!  I guess if you always know you're only going to have 10 exhibits and they will only weigh 1 pound, you're good to go.  

OMG, I just noticed there's three cats and two chocolate labs in this photo.  Welcome to my office.  

Thank you!

Looks like a good setup, Kelli.  Question:  May I ask what is in your Tutto:  your writer, tripod, any laptops, or just iPads, and are you able to pick this case up into your car yourself, in and out?

With the mirrors, it looks as though you have five cats - and two dogs.  So very cute!  What a nice family!


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