My computer is a Dell Dimensions E310.
I bought this Stenoram II from JM Steno months ago. I just got set up with DigitalCat (Student).

I know the Stenoram works, but I connect it to the computer, and I didn't even get a Dedect New Hardware message. I can't check the PORTS because they don't show up as Port I or Port X. From what I have seen, the Stenoram hardware is not installed.

Anyone have any ideas so I can confirm that the Stenoram actually is connecting to the computer (It does do the 1-8 thing), and since I bought it from a court reporting supply place, I think it does work.

How do I check the computer for the ports?

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I connected the cable to one of the ports in the back. It had install new hardware.

There was no information to pull from (I know you all know what I mean).

Anyone have any ideas?
Mary Jo,

If you're using a serial to USB adapter, you need to make sure you load the driver on your computer.

Hope this helps.
When I got this machine from JM Steno, I got the writer, charger, paper tray, wrench.

Was I supposed to get some software?
I when when I connected the printer, I had printer driver software.
How are you connecting the writer to your computer??
Just a cable from the back of the writer to the back of the computer. JM Steno said I need to get a driver from DigitalCat. I'm going over to my Dad's. I'll work on this Friday. Thanks for your help.
Hi, Mary Jo.

What kind of cable are you using to connect your writer to your computer? If it's a direct connection, that should be a regular ol' serial cable ... but if your computer doesn't have a serial port, you're probably connected via a serial-USB adapter.

If this is the case, look closely at the cable; you're looking for a name, a number -- anything you can find.

Once you find that, Google it, like so (include the quotes!):

"mysterious number or name" "driver" "Windows XP Pro"

Of course, you have to make the obvious substitutions in the above (that "mysterious name or number," and the exact operating system your computer is running), but that search should lead you to the manufacturer's page, and there you should find the drivers you need.

Once you have downloaded the drivers, reattach the cable to the computer, and if it asks about drivers, point it towards what you've downloaded. It should (hopefully) install it.

Next, you'll have to tell it which COMM port the adapter is on, so right-click your My Computer icon, and select Properties, then select Hardware.

That should open another window, and in that window you'll want to look for USB. If it's expanded, you should see the name of your adapter ... and should tell you the COMM port. Write it down somewhere, and close all those windows.

Open digitalCAT's Transcript Editor. Click the Translator menu and select Steno Source. Select XScribe Realtime, adjust the Port number appropriately, and click Okay ... then click the Translator menu again, and select Start Realtime Translation, and everything should start working for you!

Good luck ....


I have a router connected to my computer. My realtime cable has the plastic "phone clip" thing. Can I connect that to the router? Then if I need to, find a driver? Will that work?
Hi, Mary Jo.

Your setup as described sounds like the beginnings of a realtime hookup, used by reporters to transmit what's on their screen to an attorney's screen ... so to make that work, you would need something like Bridge ... and another computer to run it on.

I think. I'm not too well versed in that kind of realtime hookup!

The first thing to determine is how you are plugging the StenoRam II in.

Are you plugging into a built-in serial port? Please see a picture here:

Or are you plugging into a USB port? Please see bottom of picture here:

If you are plugging into a built-in serial port, then you most likely need to use Com 1.
If you are plugging into a USB-serial adapter, then you most likely need to use Com 4 or higher.

To determine what Com port you are using, please see this document:

Please note you will NOT see "StenoRam II" listed in the Device Manager. If you are using a built-in serial port, you will NOT get the Add New Hardware wizard either. This is because the StenoRam II does not require installation, it merely needs to be connected to a serial/com port.

If on the other hand you are using a USB serial adapter, attached to your normal StenoRam II cord, then the USB Serial Adapter DOES require installation. GDW had a good explanation of this already. It will show up in your device manager as something similar to this "USB Serial (Com4)". Note down the Com#, and from the Translate menu within DigitalCAT, choose 'Writer Source'. You can specify Com 4 (or whatever yours shows) here.

If you do not see a (Com#) in the Device Manager, then it sounds like your USB Serial adapter is NOT installed correctly. Check the manufacturer's website for drivers and installation instructions.

Before starting realtime, have your writer plugged in and put at least one stroke on the writer. Then from the Translate menu, choose 'Start Translation'.

Hope that helps!
"Please note you will NOT see "StenoRam II" listed in the Device Manager." I'm laughing. Why couldn't it have been easy!!!

The computer is six years old, Dimension E310, Pentium 4. The cable came with the Stenoram from JM Steno. I'm pretty sure it's a USB cable. I had to add a connector to the end to connect it in the back of the computer.
Also, none of my USB stuff has COM by it. I'll let you know what happens.

The cable says nothing. But I did keep the packaging. It says Realtime/Dumping Cable PN: 1467. I also had to connect an adapter to it because of the prongs, so it has a prong to USB adapter.


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