There seems to be some inaccurate information being circulated about the touch-screen technology on our Impression writer.  Our Stylus machine, which is 8 years old at least, had a touch screen, which was the cutting edge in screens at that time.  In the 7 years I have had mine, I never had a screen go bad.


Now, as you all are aware, having a touch screen is the leading edge in technology, from iPad, iPhone, to now touch screen computers!  As we see it, as a company, it would be negligent to use outdated technology in our products.  I would personally worry more with the older technology if there were going to be parts available for replacements/repairs in a few years. 


Bottom line, touch screens are here to stay, they are easier to use, easier on your hands, and give you more capabilities than previously available technology.

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I'll agree with that.  I bought your Impression after you posted here and so did my friend.  Don't have the writers yet, but I'm looking forward to trying out the latest technology.  

I always believe in having the best technology always.  I buy a new writer every two years, just bought three iPads and the best streaming software out there.  If you have the best equipment, it makes you look like the best reporter.  Can't hurt.


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