Hello, All

I just wanted to let you know that in the process last night of transferring administrative rights to myself from Monti, his picture was replaced by mine. Now some things say "Designed by Kelli Combs" with my picture there.

My husband pointed that out to me this morning. I want you all to know I in no way am trying to take credit for designing or puting these widgets together. I did not know that was going to happen. I am the least tech savvy person you will ever meet.

I have to hire someone to fix this. There are going to be some growing pains here for a few weeks till I get someone up to speed on the website.

I was going to send out an email blast about this but I find them somewhat irritating. I don't want to bother people that don't really care. For the people that are on the site a lot, hopefully you will see this post.

Thanks for all your patience.

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I'm sorry that you and Monti had a falling-out. I will miss him here a lot.

I thank you, Kelli, for everything you've done in making this a go-to court reporter forum.

Thanks, guys

I am pulling my hair out. I will figure it out. I am not giving up.

Stuff seems sort of messed up. Don't know if that happened with the transfer.

As far as this side of the table goes, seems like the transfer went well, not "messed up" at all. Maybe it's just a getting-up-to-speed knowledge that seems kind of off.

Don't pull your hair out, just hire somebody to do it for you!!! I know what I do best and I do it; for other things, I hire people to do them for me.
I am so glad the forum is alive and well. Great news, Kelli. I kind of like hanging out here!
So is there no more section for Recommended Scopists and Proofreaders anymore?
That was quite helpful to me and I got a lot of business. Just curious.

Laura T.
I just looked and that feature is still there. Are you not seeing it? With the thumbs up?
I finally found it, Kelli. It's now under "Got Scopist" on the top of the page rather than
a special section on the main page that read "Recommended Scopists," "Recommended Proofreaders."
It used to be easy for someone to go right to that section on the main page. I wonder if reporters
will know to go to the heading "Got Scopist."

C'est la vie.

I can always place an ad here if I need more work and that's a good thing.


Laura T.


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