Well, it didn't work out, unfortunately. I was determined to save a few extra bucks by buying used, but because I had to take out a personal loan, I missed out on a great deal from a private seller. However, I only purchased the pro software. Thanks to some guidance and great advice from my peers :) I went ahead and upgraded with Case CAT.

Now comes the fun part: Purchasing a new writer. I'm getting all giddy just thinking about it. Here's a start of a new topic and I will most likely start a new discussion just for the purpose of hearing any feedback on it. The Infiniti writer w/LCD. Anyone have it? Let me know your thoughts and or experiences. Even if it's not from personal experience.

Here is my dream machine...swoon...

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Love my Diamante.  And love that clear one.  Unfortunately, Stenograph doesn't sell that.  It was made as a promotional item.  I think a couple have been give away in raffles.

That's a very cool-looking machine.  I like it.  Too bad it's not for sale. 

Kelli, it lights up.  When at it's fastest, it's a bright red!

That's pretty clever.  Some of the jobs I've been on lately, it would have been red all day long. 

I wonder why they don't sell it.  Do you know?

I think the materials the keys are made of won't stand up to the punishment we put them through on a daily basis.  It was just done as a marketing gimmick.  I believe that's what the SG rep told me.


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