my name is Matt and I was wondering if there is a page for videographers on CSR. It would be a good cross-reference. If not, does anyone know of a site just for the video end of depositions?



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There is a group for videographers.  I have added the link below.




Hi Mary Ann,

     Some, not all of us, have a headset either on or in our ears and catch almost every word. I for one am really interested in most of the testimony so there are times that I am wondering if an objection is goint to be lodged or not. I'd be happy to weigh in on any question asked of me. I've only been doing this for about 11 years so I'm not much of a source of knowledge, but I'll give it a try.

Thanks Kelli!

Hi, Matt.  Yes, good cross-reference ... but videographers can and should weigh in on some of the questions posed by reporters.  We're not exactly doing the same thing, but sometimes a different set of eyes (and opinions!) is good for reporters to hear.  And we'd probably be amazed at how much you're actually taking in when we think you're back there watching TV ... !




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