On and off over the years, I have taken numerous SEC jobs (Technical/difficult). Some of my reporter friends call me crazy, but I really like taking them. The only agency I've been taking them from lately is Diversified (I think they're in DC). Does anyone know what other agencies offer these SEC L.A. jobs? Thanks!

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I don't know if they specifically have SEC jobs in L.A., but you might want to try contacting Alderson out of DC.  I've done SEC jobs for them here in Chicago, so I'm guessing they would have them throughout the country.

I know Alderson gets a lot of them.  I just posted a SEC job for them yesterday.  The job was in San Francisco, though, for Monday.  Alderson is out of Washington D.C. too.

Thank you for the information!! I will be calling them in Monday!

Haha, you are right, I think you're crazy.  I quit taking them because for the rate they are paying, it's not worth it, IMO.  I used to take them for a small agency, same exact jobs, who paid me A DOLLAR MORE per page. And I think their expedite rates are an insult.  I think Diversified has an exclusive to do them now, unfortunately.  Glad you like doing it. 


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