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A client inquired about Exhibit Hyperlink!  Where do I get it?  How much do you charge?  Is it difficult?  Cost-effective?

Any and all information is greatly appreciated!!!!

Thanks so much!  I love it when we share!

Happy Pages!!!!

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I have Case Catalyst software and the hyperlink is included in the program.  Essentially you scan the exhibits and upload the scan to your computer.  Then from the CC program you can link the scanned exhibits to certain spots in the transcript in PDF format.  Eclipse probably has the program, too. 

Thanks so much, Martha!  I'm sure Eclipse does.


Have a great day!




Or you can purchase Min-U-Script Pro or PDF-IT.  Both of those programs allow you to import and ASCII and easily link scanned exhibits and make a new PDF package with the exhibits.



Yvonne,  Does your client want to hyperlink the exhibit or "just" attach it?  I do believe there's a difference.  Years ago when I had RealLegal's Publisher program (and I do mean years ago), it had a hyperlink feature.  I did it a few times and it was a huge PITA (they've probably made it easier to use by now).  Plus, it seemed the clients really didn't care if I did it or not. 

That being said, I use pdf-it now --  pdf-it.com -- and scan all of my exhibits and attach them to every transcript and it's easy, painless, and takes just a moment of your time to attach them.  The scanning part is what takes the extra time, but I scan all exhibits anyways so it's not a big deal. 

Did he specify why he wants them "hyperlinked," or do you think maybe he just misused the word, like some people call realtime "Livenote/s"?  "I want Livenotes!"  Give them Bridge and they don't know the difference. 

And if he does really, really want the exhibits to be scanned and attached so he can dump them into his LiveNote software, good luck.  I checked into it last year and it's very expensive for a small person to do.  One of my clients asked me last year for that service because the LiveNote salesperson sold them a package and told them it can do X, Y, and Z.  One of those features they told them they could do was attach scanned exhibits.  Only problem was, somebody had to own that extra LiveNote module -- me or them -- because it didn't come with what was sold to them and you can't attach "just" scanned pages.  They have to be a special format.  They were pretty angry.   

So find out what he's really looking for.  If it's just scanned and attached to a pdf, easy-peasy. 


Thanks so much, Judy.  I'm guessing he's wanting the easy-peasy way.  The reason I say that, he's not necessarily tech savvy.  He's not getting realtime, so that's not an issue.

I will introduce the simple way, and I'm sure that will do.  I will go right away to ptf-it.com and do some research!


Love this web site!!!!

Glad I could help.  If you have any other questions, I'm happy to try to answer them for you.


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