Who are the attorneys who do not pay you?  What are the agencies that do you pay you?

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I had the same thing happen to me.  Guy from big national firm here in NY who was dating a cr friend of mine moved down south to work in family's cr business.  Called me to cover an assignment.  Big job, in on time, yada, yada, yada.  Bill is due.  Crickets.  Call.  Inquire.  What's going on here?  Oh, the job was a mess.  We can't bill client.  You will not get paid.  Laughter ensues on their end.  LAUGHTER.  I kid you not.  
Incensed?  Little bit.  Sit idle a while, wonder, What can I do?  They're in SC, I'm in NY.  What are my options?  
Decide to call the client.  Mind you, this was after some time passed.  Client is horrified I was not paid, IMMEDIATELY sends me payment.  
I say call their client.  I repeat, I say CALL THEIR CLIENT.  You did the work, you were not paid.  You need to get paid for the work you did.  
On a side note, Mr. NY-SC is back in town.  Started a new agency with another dude from same big national firm.  Already making the rounds, reaching out to BNF's reporters.  People never cease to amaze me.

You know, I had a firm I had never worked with before email me and ask me to do a three-day RT/expedite.  I told them no and WHY.  I would not take a job of that nature without prior experience or payment up front and I didn't appreciate being told how to dress.  I get calls all the time from firms.  it's really sad that you can't count on people to pay you and we shouldn't have to sue them or file theft of services charges on them either!  Sad...very sad.

For what it's worth here, I covered a job over a year ago for DAWN PIERCE out of ROANOKE, VIRGINIA - PIERCE REPORTING.  After several months, I wondered, hey, I should have been paid by Dawn by now.  I emailed her about it.  Crickets.  I'll shorten the story to tell you that a few months ago, Pierce Reporting in Roanoke filed for bankruptcy and there goes my +/- $11,000 invoice.  I checked and learned that she was paid for the job within 2 weeks of the date and ran her business on MY money for that time.  The word that comes to mind is charlatan.  I hope that if Dawn Pierce or Pierce Reporting in the Roanoke, Va., area ever regroups and reforms into another entity that you ALL will keep in mind this story.  NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Thank you, Mary Ann, for this very important public service announcement.  I'm copying your messages into a file and will be sure to remember this for myself and share with anyone who comes my way.  It's beyond sickening and pathetic that this happened.  Good lessson.  You waited a few months because it was a good payday, as I've done, and you ended up getting kicked in the ass.  We all have to look for payment sooner than later so as not to be stolen from like you experienced.   You got ambushed.  SHAME SHAME.


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