Keleher's Certified Shorthand Reporters has offices in Bakersfield, Visalia & Fresno, CA.  We are looking for freelance reporters who would like to work in any or all cities listed.  Please email resume to or call 800.635.6044.

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I've given my name and number before but have never heard from you guys.

Sorry about that.  We did some remodel work in our office and have lost all of our resumes and contact information.  I apologize for never getting back to you.  If you would like to call me, please do.  800,635.6044.

My name is Roberta Swank.  I am originally from Southern California and owned Swank Court Reporting many moons ago.  I’m now in Pennsylvania but have kept my CSR and RPR active.  I can write real-time; although, I’m not certified as a real-time reporter.  I have the latest version of Case Catalyst, where I can stream my notes if need be or use Real Team to have my full-time scopist to  produce an expedited transcript. In Pennsylvania I am three hours ahead of you.  


Roberta Swank, CSR 6042, RPR 6846


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