For those videotaped depositions, I had to come up with a couple briefs.  The videographer would say, "Would you swear in the witness, please?" and I would always freeze, because not only am I writing that out, they're waiting on me to swear in the witness.  Here's what I came up with:  WUTS for "Would you swear in the witness, please?" and WUT for "Would you swear in the witness?"  Also, KUPSD for "Counsel, would you please state your appearances for the record?"  and KUDS for "Counsel, would you state your appearances for the record, please?"  Last but not least COERP for court reporter, unless somebody else has a better one for that.


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Those are great!  I do KROER for court reporter.

That works, too!  Now, I just need to get them in my head.  I get so busy, I don't take the time to stop and practice breifs.  It would make life easier if I would just commit to a few a week or something.

Haha, me too.  These are great.  Thanks!

Now, I need to just practice, practice, practice!

OMG, love those. Sticking with CROER for court reporter though, but that's really great too! Just used those briefs at the start of the depo, and the time it took me to look down at my post-it and write it down, for both sentences, it was nice to see it translate! Will be using those till I retire!


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