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I don't think the hyphens are necessary. If they'd said, "was a community health center-owned-and-operated plan," then I'd hyphenate it like that.
Thanks for the reply, Marla.

I seem to stumble when it comes to descriptive adjectives and hyphens.

That's why I like this forum. I am hoping to build up my knowledge base! :)
Here we go again. How would you hyphenate this phrase?

These reasons do not always get fully reported and discussed during contentious campaigns where news reports tend to be of a he-said-she-said variety.

These reasons...tend to be of a he-said/she-said variety.

These reasons...tend to be of a "he said/she said" variety.

These reasons...tend to be of a "he said she said" variety.
I think B or C would be appropriate, though I prefer C.
Thanks, Marla. I think I like C best, especially if you do! :)
Should reduction-in-force policy be hyphenated? I have 100 pages of exhibits and not one of them hyphenates it even though I think it should be.
If you look at the originators of that policy -- FEDERAL GOVERNMENT -- they do it a variety of ways, and I don't think there is a right or wrong way to do it when it comes to a RIF.

I would do it one of two ways:

Example A. Should Reduction in Force policy be hyphenated?
Example B. Should reduction-in-force policy be hyphenated?

Doing a Google search, the OPM (Office of Management and Personnal) does it both ways.

That's a toughie, kind of like healthcare/health care, decision-making/decisionmaking, workforce/work force, website/Web site.

My opinion with words such as these are to pick one and be consistent throughout the transcript.
two and a half million dollar cap
two and a half million dollar figure

Should I hyphenate all of that?
I would do this:

two-and-a-half-million-dollar cap
two-and-a-half-million-dollar figure
That's what I figured.



Does anyone hyphenate left-shoulder problems or right-shoulder pain or left-knee complaints, low-back pain. These type of  things?


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