How many times have your jobs been covered because of this wonderful site?
Maybe we all just need a friendly reminder that there are no paid advertisements here. It all comes from the giving of time and hard work.

Have you seen the following Discussion on the Forum page:

Dude, like, OMG, where'd the DONATE button go?

I've looked all over The Nation and on my page, and I can't find it. Y'all accept checks, Monti and Kelli? Who do I make it out to, and where do I send it?

Thank you both for the great service you have provided to our profession at all levels. :)

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Maybe the people that are profiting from this website should pay for it, ie, a per use basis, the people that are getting their jobs covered.

I believe that's an option Monti is thinking about.
I think that is a good idea, one way to be paid on services by agencies; I do feel that the reporters should also be held to the same guidelines??.... I see CSRNation as a "Temp Agency" Employers pay to have workers waiting readily and people seeking employment also pay a percentage to the agency for the opportunity.

When we get a job covered it is recorded, but the reporter that grabbed the job isn't recorded. That is a more complex question that I had first thought; well, I do appreciate these "reminders" because I am one that needs to be reminded. I have had problems trying to donate.

I have tried a few times but I can't seem to get it to work - so then I move on to other things. So Monti, I guess I need to do some troubleshooting with you, I submit my info and it kicks me back to the same page


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