like here and hear

and for, four, 4?


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HAOER - here

HAER - hear

FOR - for

FO - in phrases

FOUR - four

Number bar for 4.     



thank you, LeAnne!

what are some "for" phrases?

for the = FOT

for it = FO*T

for that = FOP

for many = FOM  (I use FO*M because I always hit FOM when I want FOP)

for this = FOJ

for these = FOJS

for those = FOJZ

for his = FOS

for how long = FOUG


thanks, Marge, super kewl.

does anyone have a stroke for {fore^} a prefix

what about {or^} the first syllable of a word?

You're not going to like it -- FO*ER.  

I don't have one for or^.  The words get their own definition. 

thanks, were right....I wof preferred something different....oh, dear me.


I have my OR stroke defined with three possibilities....and one possibility is that why I have that I can't rer....and with Version 5 not choosing the conflicts I'm starting to see what conflicts I have that I need to just get a different stroke for it.



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