When does this show start back up?  It has to be soon, right??  I can't find it.

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She's colorful, all right!  Ordering the guys off the stage was unique.  :)


I think the best performers are Kree and Candice, the one who did the Aretha Franklin song.  I like the girl from my state, Angie, but I didn't like her performance this week.

Angie's mouth looks weird - all teeth.  She's not my favorite.  I agree that it will be either Candice or Kree.  Both are very unique and amazing. 

I can't believe that Lazaro's in the top 3!  Who is voting for that guy?????  (just had to vent to someone who maybe cares...)  I'm glad they've at least got Kree and Angie up there, but the third should have been either Amber or Candice -- and they should be a tie!  IMHO!

I didn't watch the results show.  I usually wait until the next week to see who is missing.  Who did they send home?  I hope it was Trevon (if that's his name). 

I like Lazaro but I thought he'd be going home.  I'm sure he's getting votes from everyone who is an underdog, everyone who has been picked on.  I was rooting for him at first.  But the girls this season are so talented he's not even close. 

I wonder if Lazaro will be another Sanjaya. 


Sanjaya, I remember him.  Boy, let's hope not.  I thought Lazaro would have left a long time ago.  I think top three are Candace, Kree and Amber.  All of them are amazing.  I'd put Angie fourth.

I haven't watched the results show either.  It will probably be Trevon since Lazare isn't going anywhere for a while.

opps.  Sorry.  Didn't mean to give away the results show for you.  Janet, you are so much nicer and understanding than I am. That phenomenon of having such a speech impediment, yet such an ability to sing is kind of remarkable, but not unheard of -- Jim Nabors.  And I think AI has been really great about not capitalizing on it.  Everyone gives the guy time to get the words out without making anything at all about it.  I've felt like he's treated exactly like everyone else.  But the voters are the ones really making a big deal out of it because it can't be anything but a sympathy vote.  He has a nice voice, but it's nowhere near the quality of anyone else on the show.  And that's really obvious.  It's just a shame that there are really good people who are losing out because of this crazy sympathy vote. 

No problem.  I wasn't going to watch the results show anyway.  The guy I was thinking of is Burnell, not Trevon.  I don't know where I got that name.  Maybe The Voice????  


Are you watching The Voice?   My daughters are in love with Usher.  I like Shakira.  She seems like a genuine person. 

I'm glad they change the judges every so often to keep it interesting on the Voice.  Christina was starting to get on my nerves.  Usher has a great sense of humor.  Love that show.

Yes, I'm watching The Voice, and I really like it too this time.  So far, there have been some great singers.  And I really like the change in judges too.  Usher is a great addition.  And I don't known much about Shakira, but it sounds like she brings a completely different perspective to the table.  I loved the judges' group performance. 

I hope the final is Candice and Kree.  They are both so incredibly talented.


This performance was amazing!!!!

Yeah, that was probably the best Idol performance ever.  She is such a pro already, as is Kree. I agree with you that those two definitely should be the final.  We'll see what happens.  Five girls when a girl hasn't won in 5 years.  What a wild season.


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