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It's that time again!   This season of The Voice has been great so far.  It seems like there's more talent this year.  Adam has the best team so far,

Are you watching?

Gotta wait for the weekend for this too.  I hope The Voice goes down to1 or2 nights.  With Project Runway, X Factor, Survivor AND Amazing Race, I barely have time to work!

The talent on The Voice this season is amazing!  The ones that didn't make it through could have won in past seasons.  I think Trevin has a beautiful voice.  I can't wait to see more of him.

I agree.  Although, don't know if you're watching or not, the best voice, hands down, on any of these singing shows is a little girl on X Factor named Carly Rose Sonenclar, who is unbelievable.  This little girl is only 13 years old and has this incredibly natural voice.  Usually the kids that young are pushing and screaming, but this little girl isn't.  Plus, not only is her voice mature sounding, but her musicality is mature.  She's singing with a blues and jazz like tone and interpretation.  You don't often hear of vocal prodigies, but this really is one.  She seems really mature for her age.  But she's only 13, and I hope she's able to handle the incredible pressure that these kids must be under on this show.

I am watching the X Factor.  Carly is my favorite on the show.  I hope Brittany doesn't make her lose.  Did you hear Brittany keep referring to the other girl as "the best"?  I hope Carly has a big say in what songs she does.


I was sorry to see Diamond go.  I thought she should have stayed.  She's a natural too. 

I agree.  I couldn't believe she got rid of her.  She's darling.  I hope the show gives her some kind of bump so that she can get something going, although she's awfully young too.

And I've noticed that Brittany doesn't seem to like Carly Rose as much as -- what's her name, Beatrice?  It's probalby because Beatrice is more like Brittany.  And I actually like Beatrice.  She's just has nowhere near the voice of Carly Rose.  I doubt that she'll be able to stretch much from her pop-crackly voice either.

I am so far behind since I've been out of the country.  I need to sit down tonight and do some catching up on all these shows.

I think The Voice is on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.

Wow, that's a lot.  Why so many this week?  Is it down to the wire or something?

They have two nights of performances and one results show.

My daughter is a HUGE fan of Cassadee Pope.  She has a lot of fans from her band Hey Monday.  I like her.  I hope she gets over the nerves.   Team Blake is tough.  I like almost all of them.  Terry has a great voice.


On Team Adam, I like Melanie and Amanda. 

I'm really curious who will be going home tonight.  I think it should be Dex, but he seems to have a bunch of young girls screaming for him.  I really like Cassadee, Melanie Martinez and Terry. 


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