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Yeah, the "dragon" girl is the same one I liked.  And I didn't understand why Brittany thought she'd collapse from teh pressure either.  The blonde girl who sang before her was much more fragile.  The "dragon" girl seems very mature and self-confident to me.  But I do think that there should be some kind of age limit.  I think 13 is too young.  That little curly-haired girl last season who did so well ended up being reallly overwhelmed.  That is just a lot of pressure for such a young kid.

I really like the pirate-girl group too.  They were really good.  I'm sure they'll make it.  The judges loved her.I was actually surprised at how good some of those groups were.  I don't like the three-girl group at all.  My husband loves them (he's like Simon -- put a pretty face in front of him and he's happy).  I can't stand their whiney sound.

Boy, I'm way behind.  I've been watching the Voice lately and not up on the X Factor.  I watched the auditions but that's it.

You haven't missed that much, Kelli.  They're getting to the good parts now that they've weeded out a bunch of people. 



I hope that big guy that has the tattoos on his head makes it to the live audiences.  I think he's very good, along with Jason Brock, of course.  I was irritated at LA Reid for not wanting the Over 30 group.  What's wrong with them?  Like you're not marketable after 30. 

I was really curious who L.A. would pick for his team.  I have to admit that I'm really happy that the over-the-top woman went home.



Someone went home?  Our X Factor this week was just a re-run from last week on both days.  Hmmm.  I'm sure it was a re-run and not a recap.  We watched quite a bit of it on Tuesday and it was exactly what we watched the week before.  There was an elimination this week?  Gotta check that out.  Unfortunately, I think we've already deleted those shows. 

They started showing Wednesday's episode but interrupted it for a baseball game. They are going to reair that Tuesday. We did get to see Thursday's episode.

Okay.  At least we'll get to see the first one.  I swear the show we looked at on Thursday was a repeat.  They had the whole performance of the put-together boys' group.  Hmmm.  Guess we just didn't watch long enough.  Maybe we can find it aired at another time this weekend.


That must have been a repeat, Debbie.  The whole show was at the judges' homes, meeting one on one with the contestants.


Maybe they will air both episodes in your area.  We didn't have a team in the playoffs.  Maybe there was one in your area?

Please tell me Jason Brock is still on the show!!

Jason Brock is still on the show!  Don't know how far he'll go.   He's not exactly centered in the X Factor voting demographics!  But I love him too.  He should be on Broadway.  I probably blew it for you since you haven't watched the show yet, but you'll be really happy with how he ends up. 

But speaking of X Factor demographics, I think the winners could very well be Emblem 3 (not sure if I"ve got that name right), the three young guys.  They make me laugh every time they get up there.  Simon hit the nail on the head when he described them as "excited dogs."  They are SO CUTE!  And they can sing too!

Love her!


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