So G has started a new afterschool endeavor.  She is taking tae kwon do. 

However, it's really hard to juggle.  As you all know, our schedules are always up in the air.  Calendar tells you it's only going until 3 p.m. and next thing you know, "Madame Court Reporter, we'll be working through 5 p.m."  What?  What?

So how do you guys balance taking your kids to all their fun afterschool activites and your workload?  Do you deliberately schedule yourself of?  I hate to do that.  You might miss out on a juicy job.  Afterschool nanny who will drive your child everywhere?  Flexible programs so that you can have a variety of time slots to choose from?

I feel afterschool activities will become ever more important as the tightening state budget slashes the amount of funds our schools get and they have to cut back on "special" activities like art and music.

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