I thought it might be handy to have a discussion we could all reference back when we needed about downtown LA, the ins and outs, crazy buildings, parking structures and prices etc.

For example, the parking entrance for 350 S. Grand is only accessible from Olive, which is one block east of Grand. Oh, and it costs $38.00.

But the parking entrance for 333 S. Grand is only accessible from Hope, which is one block west of Grand.

Here's a map of that area. Click on "zoom to street" to see it close up.

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Actually, I think there is another entrance for 333 South Grand. But I'm note sure where it is. I was there one day, and the videographer told me of another entrance where they didn't force you to valet.

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Also The Standard at 6th and Flower (http://www.standardhotels.com/). They've got a great burger and fries. You can eat on the rooftop or in the 1st floor restaurant off the lobby.
I Ienter both 335 & 350 from Hope Street. There's an entrance across from the Bank of America building. If you turn left, I think you're going to 350 and if you turn right, you're going o 335. I've never used the entrances you've mentioned. I'll have to check it out next time.
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Los Angeles Mall parking, straight across the street from US Attorney's office. They close at 6 p.m. If you are there late, you must pre-pay. Then go to City Hall East. Where the guard will let you go down in the elevator as long as you have a ticket. Then you will have to follow the cones once you get to your car bec. the main entrances will closed and gated.

To get to City Hall East, when leaving head toward the back of the plaza. Take a left. Go down a little ways, maybe a couple of 100 feet. Take the escalator up (it will be turned off) When you get to the top of the escalator, the building at the top, slightly to the left will be City Hall East.

I suggest you avoid the Los Angeles Mall parking. There is an elevator/escalator from the garage to the main plaza. But the plaza is still below street level, so you have to walk up a flight of stairs. There is lift for the handicapped, but I always feel guilty using it. But it's either that or drag your stuff up some stairs.

Also, there is construction going on around the US Attorney's Office building (300 Los Angeles Street), so there is no handicap ramp to wheel your stuff up. At least, I haven't found it yet. They are very thorough in going through your stuff, so leave extra time to go through security.
You paid what?

900 Wilshire Blvd, downtown LA, $45 for parking. AAARGGGHHHH!!!
LA Mall parking: Take the elevator to Level 4. (There will be a couple of 2-3 step configurations, but it's easier than an entire flight of stairs.) If you head toward the federal court side of the mall, you'll have it easier as well.
However, after 4 p.m., you have to catch the elevator on Level 3 to go down since they're closed on the 4th floor. Just head to the credit union and you'll see the elevator after it.
A bunch of us switched to the LA mall parking since our parking lot was taken over by county vehicles. It works out to $7 per day if you buy a book of tickets and we split the book between 3 of us. That way, when you don't come in to work on a given day, you even save money rather than paying a monthly fee. Wouldn't work for depo reporters, though. Plus we can move our cars to the court in the late afternoon if we're going to be working late. BUT I do like the covered parking in the rain and the heat.


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