The place to go to take bankruptcy exams.

Parking is across the street. Lot is $20.

Department 1A is on the 5th floor. Don't ask me why. Room 542 is the "offices", and Room 548 is the actual courtroom.

There are two sets of elevators. If you need to get to 6th floor and above, keep going past the first set of elevators to the second set.

Leave yourself at least 45 minutes before you need to be at the job. You have to go through a long metal detector line at the entrance of the building. Do not show up 5 minutes before your depo is scheduled to start. Repeat - DO NOT SHOW UP 5 minutes before scheduled start. You will be late.

The courtroom doors open at 8:45. Your attorney will be in line to sign in with the court of the clerk.

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Sweeeet! Thanks, Kyung. Way to share!
Hi, Kyung: Another suggestion I would like to add is that the Stanley Mosk Building is known by one name on the Hill Street side and another name on the other side. I found that out the first time I went there 10 + years ago


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