Okay, I'm new here and this is the third posting I've made at various locations. Sorry, about that. I'll figure it out eventually.

My question is I bought a used Procat Stylus writer. It has the Sandisk 512 mb cf card. I want to update to the 2gb cf card. I tried a Sandisk Ultra 2gb cf card and a Sandisk Ultra II 4gb cf card. Neither worked. I'm going to try the older version Sandisk 2gb cf card (blue) as soon as my online order arrives.

Does anyone know if I'm going to have to call Procat for an "update" on the writer for a 2gb cf card to work, or is there an "adjustment" that I can make to the writer?

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I'm pretty sure the 4gb one won't work at all.....but I just purchased the 2gb cf card from procat directly, and it came friday. it's the Sandisk Ultra II 2GB cf card, so whether that makes a difference from just the ultra, I don't know...I'm going to test it out tonight, so I'll let you know.......
well, I just tried it out right now, and it seems to be working. Are you saying you couldn't get your machine to work at all when you put in a SanDisk Ultra 2GB CF card? I hope it's not going to do something weird on me later, as I seem to recall marla saying that it froze on her or something in the middle of a job when she tried a 4GB cf card......
Yeah, it wouldn't turn the machine on at all. But I didn't buy mine from Procat. Maybe that's the problem. If the Sandisk 2gb cf card (blue) doesn't work, but the card that you got from Procat works, that may be the problem. In reading the writer manual, it doesn't indicate a writer upgrade was necessary for the 2gb cf card. In reading Procat's website regarding the Stylus and using a 2gb cf card, it's not real clear.

I'm just trying to avoid paying for a writer update if it's not necessary.
did you notice that I said it was an Ultra II (emphasis on the II) 2GB.....so not sure if that's different than just the Ultra.

and I should add that mine is not blue but black....it may be that you just need to purchase the card from ProCat....I personally couldn't find a 2GB anywhere I looked in the normal stores (Office Depot, Radio Shack, Target, etc), so that's why I went that route.
Yeah, I noticed the difference of "Ultra" and "Ultra II" after I bought the Ultra card and was thinking "they should be exactly the same." But I'm also thinking the Ultra would be an older version and more likely to work. Yeah, and all the Ultra cards are now black. So that's why I'm thinking the blue Sandisk 2gb cf card may work since it may be an older version as well. I had to go online (google) to find one since they don't have the blue ones in the retail stores anymore, which is another reason I need to figure this out before the 512 mg that I have gives out.

But you've been a tremendous help. At least now I'm hopeful that all I'll have to do is order from Procat and possibly not have to send the writer in.
If you see him again, I guess if you would ask is Procat the only vendor you can get the 2gb cf cards from for the Stylus. Thanks.
Update: Okay, I received the Sandisk 2gb cf card (blue) in the mail today that I bought online and it worked. So it must just be the Ultra cards that don't work, unless you buy the one directly from Procat.


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