Welcome to all transcriptionists! The steno reporter's Brief Club made me think, Why not share our knowledge of how to make ourselves more productive too?
I am trying to set up Word to work similar to the CAT software I have been using. At least I have the Q and A down! (I think!)

Sub Q()
' Q Macro
Selection.TypeText Text:="Q. "
End Sub

Sub A()
' A Macro
Selection.TypeText Text:="A. "
End Sub

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I am still typing in WP5.1 for DOS, but I convert every single one of my transcripts into Word files.

I hope to learn something from this group. I use FlashForward software for my marcros in WP5.1 for DOS.

What is a good shorthand macro program for Word that is similar to FlashForward? I heard PC Shorthand is good. Do you know of any others that are user friendly for the technologically handicapped folk like myself?

Do you like the auto-ending feature in Word that allows you to create word/phrase macros?

TIA! ;)
I just purchased WP v4 for Windows. I have a copy of WP5.1 for DOS somewhere on about a dozen floppy disks, but the computer it was installed on is long gone. I read on a Web site just recently that WP was originally written for use in legal transcribing. Don't know if that is true or not. I will have to familiarize myself with all the goodies in WP again.

I am not familiar with FlashForward or PC Shorthand. I have just been using the macro feature in Word. Hopefully someone can chime in and answer that one for you.

I really do like the auto correction feature to create my own shorthand of sorts. I type 'rem' and it changes to remember, 'pp' becomes people, etc. Quick and easy to add and delete others specific for each job as needed.
The auto correction feature in Word sounds GREAT, Karen.

What about the mouse usage? Do you have to use the mouse very often?

The thing I like about WP5.1 for DOS is I can do everything on a keyboard, with no mouse usage.

The BEST feature about WP5.1 for me is the REVEAL CODES. I love that. In Word, everything seems to be hidden. LOL!
It is for me. Cuts down on many keystrokes for repetitive words or groups of words. idk blasts to I don't know. iow becomes in other words.

I don't like using the mouse because it slows me down too much. I use the keyboard for just about everything. I need to play with WP a bit to be sure, but I believe many of the keyboard shortcuts are the same for Word ( ie. ctrl + C for copy, ctrl + V for paste, shift + arrows to highlight).

You can create macros to re-assign keystrokes too. I have alt + 3 for , you know; alt + T for That's correct; etc.

As far as codes, the only thing I can offer on that one is under Tools -Options-View tab. In the formatting marks you can check some things, but it is nothing like REVEAL CODES. Too many things checked and the page is way too cluttered for my taste. Leave it to Mr. Gates to want to keep things hidden, but that is another story.
Thanks, Karen. I did not know you could use the ALT keys in Word. I love my WP5.1 ALT keys, like ALT-X for the Chairman or ALT-W for the Witness or ALT-R for Mr. Roberts, et cetera.

What is troubling in Word for me is that sometimes there are hidden codes, and I can't get rid of them because I don't know where they are. In WP5.1, I can see every single embedded code in REVEAL CODES. Word, though, can be troublesome. If I pull up somebody else's document and I want to get rid of a line, I can delete the words, but the code still remains, resulting in the problem I was originally trying to correct. LOL!

Now that you have told me about the ALT keys in Word, I just may try to do a long-term job in Word. Thanks again, Karen. :)


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