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Any idea if it should be "CAN" or "can" below? I don't know if it's an acronym or not. Can't find anything online about it, and I wasn't given the documents.
Q And that would be "EGS-(14490) CAN," C-A-N, correct?
A Correct.
Q And it was also a fault storage for DME 299A CAN fault, correct?
It's a case about a BMW. They're talking about the codes that come up on the diagnostic machine they use when diagnosing what's wrong with a car.

It's an acronym for Controller Area Network. CANopen, I believe, is the system they use for diagnostics. Hope this helps.

God bless you, woman!!! Yahoooooo!
Wow, Marla!!! that must have been SOMMME depo!!
was it as interesting as the words you presented here?
I have a couple that have to do with airplanes:

LEX SKIN (forward part of F-18)
SCAF or SCAFFING sheets (metal starts running together)
cleaning FODDING (is important on airplanes)
With regard to FODDING, I found this:

Had I not noticed that they had not actually cleaned the intakes the potential for ‘fodding’ both engines on takeoff could have resulted in a catastrophic failure of both engines. I can’t believe [ground personnel] ‘inspecting’ our aircraft using a cell phone display as the only source of light.
Thanks so much. One down, two to go.

What search engine do you use to look things up in? I spend a while going through sites to find a confirmation of the right spelling. You seem to have found it right away.

I use Google and just put a few of the key words in. For example:

airplane + fodding

If you can use a couple of precise key words from the context of your information, put those in with the plus signs in between. If I'm not making sense, let me know and I'll try to explain better.

Researching and being able to find the information is like a twisted little game for me. I love to search and search until I find it! Weird, I know.
I put a comma, so I would put fodding, airplane. You're saying to put fodding + airplane?
In the Google search box, yes. The plus sign will produce results containing both of those words. If you use three words with the plus sign in between each of them, it will produce results with those three words you've asked it to find. That's why it's better to use the most descriptive clues from the context of what you're looking for.


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