When the attorney says "Tell me what do you remember" how do you punctuate that?

Tell me, what do you remember?

Tell me what do you remember.


Thanks, Melinda

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Is there any more you can share about the exchange?  From what you have posted, I would go with scenario 1, "Tell me, what do you remember....."

I have a feeling there was more to the sentence.  Maybe I'm wrong.

Tell me what do you remember Ms. V. telling you regarding any conversation either verbally or by text messages she had with her mother following this collision with the police.


He starts a lot of his questions with "tell me" and then "what" after it.

Now that I see the whole sentence, it's clear to me that I would do it exactly as you have it.  "Tell me" starting the sentence has created a "courteous request" so no interrog but rather a period.

I do "Tell me, what do you remember?"  But agree with Marge that the full sentence should just use a period. 

Thanks for the help.



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