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At 21:13 on July 12, 2008, Charlene said…
Hey whats up? I am glade i switched back to ground cause i think i might of already passed a lit test this week, i typed up two but did one in a hurry so i dont know. And jury charge ill be passing all those tests soon, but dont know bout q&a, i really need to get a handle on that subject, but i think ill at least finish my 120s this quarter, god i hope, but iknow i wouldnt of staying online. Im thinking bout switching to the Arlington school that Nancy and Cherl are going to cause i wont have to go so many hours a day, and im tired as hell now, now im doing 21 hour days monday through thursday and getting only like four hours of sleep a night. Anyway have you passed any 120's yet? Drop me a line and keep in touch, Charlene.
At 1:14 on June 7, 2008, Charlene said…
Well I'd say this quarter was a waste in a way, as far as not gaining speed and possible losing it, but to me it was good. As you may remember me getting dizzy at the end of last quarter from lack of sleep and food and rest, so to me its been good for me as a person, but not as a court reporter, lol. Hey life, what ya gonna do? I'm not all too sure what part of court reporting ima do, but you know something that really appeals to me about it, is the fact that it is one degree but you have sooo many career choices to choose from. So you know if you do get bored in one, change, but you dont have to go back to school. And they all seem to be good career choices on as far as like pay and things, hey it beats being a cashier, lol. I know I havent emailed yet, I just get so busy, as i said asking me how things are going can be dangerous, so ima do that, lol. Hope everythings working out there and that we can just meet back up in class, the thing is I really loved school and miss it anyway. But like i said ill probably have to go from 9-1 cause i get off at one am, monday-thursday, so the 7 thing is no longer an option for me. Ok ima hit ya an email, holla back.
At 7:16 on June 3, 2008, Adrienne said…
Thanks! Yeah I am trying my hardest to increase my speed, I practice every day! But It seems like I am getting no where!! MY biggest problem is that I have to correct my missed stroke when I stoke them, instead of going back and editing. Its just something about those damn red lines on my paper and they eat away at me. I haven't even attempted to take an 80 test. I think I might be okay, but then I get in my mind and change it! You know what I mean? Any words of encouragement? TTYL:)
At 1:22 on June 3, 2008, Charlene said…
How am I doing, thats a dangerous ?, lol. Im hanging in there like Rosa I've considered a career change, only nothing else seems to appeal to me. There doesn't seem to be anything else that has good hours and pay, and if there is you have to work fot that too, so might as well stick with what you started, and do your best not to stress about it. Ima tell you bout my date, however in private, lol. So whats up with you? Are you diong this thing or are you just surviving like the rest of us? I think it was a bad move going online, I just needed the break but now I'm afraid it cost me too much time.
At 19:35 on May 29, 2008, Erika Shelby said…
Oh wow, were you in my english class? Yeah, I'm online now and I love it =)
At 18:05 on May 28, 2008, Erika Shelby said…
Hey Veronice, I am online with CRID too. I think you may be in my class too? =)
At 14:14 on May 28, 2008, Rosa said…
I don't know what to do. I have considered a career change because I don't seem to be advancing at all and I don't want to regret wasting time later.
At 14:06 on May 28, 2008, Adrienne said…
Hi Veronica! I am in Speed Building right now and have passed my 60 test. Yeah I know what you mean, I wish I could get to campus cause I think that I would learn more and be able to concentrate.

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