Well, I'm back from a busy eight days in Anaheim. My family and I saw everything we possibly could see, from Disneyland to Sea World to Hollywood and everything in between.

The convention was great for the two days I spent there, but spending my time with my family was the focus.

So, it took me almost a week to recover from the combination of jet lag and just general fatigue from a very busy week out west.

Well, I've dropped my speed to the RPR level and have gone "old school," just me and my tape player and my tapes. I've been practicing a half hour a day since last week with good results. So, I'm going to go through my series of RPR tapes and work a little less with RTC. Like I said, old school, when I was going for the RPR and the RMR. If I'm going to make a respectable showing, I'm going to do it the way it's been done for years. Practice in my office with my tape player. Don't get me wrong the new fangled stuff is there but it won't be a focus, it will be part of the equation.

Also, I'm going to shorten my writing within reason. That is also another reason why I've gone to RPR speeds, so I can solidify the new phrases I'm learning and also the new briefs I'm incorporating in order to accomplish my goal of getting "shorter."

Until next time...

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