Can someone PLEASE tell me how to add a dictionary from a murder trial I did in 2004 to my Stentura 8000??? I am "re-doing" this trial that came back on appeal starting tomorrow and want to use the same dictionary I did in 2004. I know.... just add it to my computer... no. I'm not using CART or Real Time until I come up with another $1940 to send to Advantage Software ..... ggggrrrr.. Any HELP will be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

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Comment by Glen Warner on September 21, 2009 at 21:47

I answered a similar question on Depoman; hope it wasn't from you!

That said, as I told Leigh (the woman that asked this question on Depoman) to check Stenograph's Help Desk, and search for dictionary conversion.

You will either have to buy or (hopefully!) download a dictionary converter. Not sure what to do with the dictionary once it's converted, though ... but you probably have your manual handy!

Good luck ... and hope this helps.

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