Eclipse scopists and reporters-

At the Indiana Shorthand Reporters Association convention last weekend, I met a local (Indianapolis area) reporter who is also an Eclipse rep/trainer. I asked her about classes for the edit station, just to get more fluent in navigating using the Hyperkeys and Eclipse general editing Q&A. She is willing to put a class together if 4 or 5 folks are interested.

Here are the basics. The charge would be $50 a person for 3 hours, which I think is very reasonable. She also said that NCRA does allow CEUs for the sessions, but will have to validate how many. We could meet just about anywhere, but Wilson College just off 465 at 31 (East Street) is a good option.

If there are any other scopists or reporters in Central Indiana or the surrounding area who would be interested, please let me know via email ( If I get enough responses, I will follow up to get a training session scheduled.

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