Taking advantage of COVID-19 Re: CCP 2025.310(a)

How do you feel about depos being taken in a court reporting office with the deponent & attorney appearing in person and a court reporter setting up the videoconference but not reporting the proceeding?  The court reporter taking the proceeding is a staff reporter at a large networking company out of the area.  Outside of COVID the networking agency would have hired the reporter setting up the videoconference to do the actual reporting.

I don't think limiting the number of people comes into play here because the reporter setting up the videoconference is going to be in the room with the deponent & attorney anyway and should be the reporter doing the reporting.


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Comment by John Doyle on May 18, 2020 at 16:39

Hi Amber

So, going forward, it looks like there is no need for videographers in depositions?

John Doyle

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