Well, here's a new one, reporters - at least, it's the first I'm seeing it.  The below is an email I just received today, talking about a 40% decrease in cost to attorneys AND a 35% increase in income for agencies, as if they're not greedy enough.  How do attorneys save 40% yet freelance agencies make 35%?  Again, it's on the backs of HARD- WORKING reporters.

I hope freelancers out there will finally get fed up with this sort of hocus-pocus from companies like this one.  This company has a link in their email to show folks a "test run" of their product - of course, they use a well-controlled, one-person speaking very clearly, EASY test, NOT the foreign-speaking Ph.D. scientist run-amok frenzied-pace let's-all-talk-at-once real-life true test freelancers face daily.  

I think we should keep the below email in mind when we vote on the upcoming NCRA officers.  Just sayin'.





Next Stop – Las Vegas, July 23rd through August 2nd
We enjoyed our time in New York,  DC and Florida last month.  We have had a few days back in Dallas and it is time to head back out on the highway.  We will be in the Las Vegas area from July 23rd through August 2nd.  I would be happy to show you our products first hand.  Don’t rely on rumors or someone else’s opinion, come see the results for yourself.  We will have a demo room set up in several locations or we can come to your site. 
Those who have heard me speak understand that we set out to solve several key concerns with our new products.  Cost containment for the law firm and their clients,  higher margins for the agency owners, better opportunities for steno writers, and a tool for a new method designed for today’s new workforce.
We will show you how our VDR and VST can help provide the attorney at least a 40% decrease in cost, and the agency a 35% increase in margin.  With our system the agency can deliver LiveFeed (realtime) during the event and then immediately afterward hand the attorney the audio, video, and speech transcript in a viewer that allows them to search and listen to/watch the event that just occurred.  This does not replace the need to produce and deliver a certified transcript, but it does provide the attorney with a considerable benefit at the event.
If you are interested in setting up a time to view our demo, or in discussing the positive affects this can have on your company, please contact me or Gary Smith to arrange a time to meet.
Jim McCranie
President and CEO
Exhibit A Legal Productions
Visionary Legal Technologies
Visionary noun  \'vi-zh?-?ner-e\
One having unusual foresight and imagination
It's not just our name but our mission.
We are changing the industry.  Again.
Ask us about The Visionary VDR and VST two new tools designed to use Voice Recognition at the Deposition site.   
Remember when everyone used to sync video manually?  Remember when no one thought voice recognition could be used to auto-sync video files? 
Contact me today to see how we harnessed the power of VR into a powerful tool for the new digital age of court reporting.




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Comment by Lisa Migliore Black on August 3, 2011 at 17:07

I'd just like to clarify that Visionary was a vendor at the NCRA convention for their other software.  I attended their voice recognition demonstration, and it was in a separate meeting room.


After seeing the demonstration, I remain unimpressed with digital reporting.  Voice recognition, while it is improving, is not ready to replace me as a stenographer.  No doubt, this will be marketed as voice recognition real-time by those willing to pay the price tag for the system.  Good luck calling that real-time, however, and expecting to maintain your credibility.

Comment by Judy on July 26, 2011 at 6:27

Aren't these the same folks with litigation support software (condensed transcript software and the like)?  And if it is, what's the difference of the E-tran folks opening their own CR agency and what these guys are doing?  Sounds like everybody that we're handing our litigation support dollars to are trying to go one more step up the food chain.

(And excuse the poorly worded post.  It's early and my coffee hasn't kicked in, but yet I have no time to wake up properly and then post, since I have to get ready for my depo.)

Comment by Janet on July 25, 2011 at 19:34


They will be at the National Court Reporters Association convention.  We're still steno as of today.  Nothing like inviting the wolf in. 

Comment by Kelli Combs (admin) on July 25, 2011 at 14:21

Yes, it definitely sounds like something has to give somewhere and that is through the reporter.  All he said is "better opportunities" for reporters but nothing about them making less money but I don't see where else it would be coming from. 


At least we have the opportunity and the wherewithal to say, "No, thank you.  Find someone else."

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