Hello, do you know if tomorrow is one of those holidays where reporter gets paid more to work for Veteran's day?  which holidays do we go by???

let me know. thanks..


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I don't think we get any money for any government holidays, at least I know I don't.  Only if you take a job on the weekends.

Depends on the agency.

Some I do; some I don't.

Good question.  I charge extra for weekends and holidays.   A case could be made for including Veterans Day as a holiday because there's no mail, no school, and my pharmacy was closed today, too.  Don't remember if I've worked on Veterans Day or if I used the holiday surcharge.  Same question for MLK Day. I remember working at a law firm that was closed that day.  Don't think I surcharged but should have. It was weird working there that day with no office staff around and no coffee.


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