For some reason, my audio is not following the text. When I hit alt j, it starts from the beginning and not from where I place the cursor. Strange, but true. Any suggestions perhaps it is the codex? Thanks. Anita

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I'm not great guru on this, Anita, but open your job up and make sure you have a start time other than zero.

Sounds like you audio synchronization is off. You could always re-tran your notes. Once you re-tran the notes, make sure the audio file and the new ecl file have the same name and they should synch up.
Try posting this question in the Eclipse group on this site:

Or on the Compuserve forum. They've got a great Eclipse forum on there with lots of knowledgeable, helpful people.
I know that in CC this problem occurs if on the job you are making changes and leave the global menu up because they started talking again before you finished, going back at the next breath to finish. This menu up truncates the audio sync codes while it is open, causing it to revert back to where you first pulled the menu up during that whole part until you finish and the menu disappear....simply because it truncates the hinges or codes at that point. Wondering if maybe this could occur in Ecl.

The audio and the notes/converted English is there, just the codes to sync are truncated for that span.


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