Hi, everyone! I'm glad to see another group in the making. Nice work, Monti! (I'm assuming)

I'm a former court reporter currently working as a scopist. I live in NJ, but nearly all of my work is with CA reporters.

Hope to get to know you all soon. I'd better get back to my video dep and then some Christmas gift wrapping!


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Nice to meet you Robin and thank you for your kind words, we are a very new site so it will take some time to get it going in full force.
our dream (Kelli and I) is to have all court reporters. scopist and videographers unite.
Courtreporters and scopist can find each other easily, court reporters can find videographers and hopefully help each other in times of crisis.
This is a private network so it is ungoogable and no one can read or see our site unless they are a member.
Morning, Donna!
You should post your availability on the forum associated with your software and update it every so often so that it remains at or near the top of the thread/discussion line. You can also set up a web page outlining your training and experience in a little more detail than you would post in a forum, use a link to the thread in your signature there and in other places you post.


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