See attached flyer and preference sheet.

My style is meticulous when it comes to punctuation and grammar. I have developed an extensive legal vocabulary involving cases dealing with Asbestos, Tobacco, Reinsurance, Immigration, Medical Malpractice, Religion and Commercial Construction while serving as a legal assistant and mortgage broker for the last 6 ½ years. I am a court reporting student – so reading your notes is not a problem. I am interested in scoping, proofreading, and audiotranscription.
CAT system - Eclipse Edit 4.0; (Free CAT conversion assistance available)
High-Speed Internet;
T3 File transfer (regardless of size) –;
Standard 3-track Dictaphone (for tape backups);
Hand-delivery service for jobs within the downtown Chicago area;
Competitive rates; and
NCRA Member since 1998

Please give Indrani Peyton a call to discuss this opportunity in more detail. I can be reached via cell at 773.459.7279. Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you soon.
References materials Used:
Internet Explorer
Gregg Shorthand Reference Guide
Morson’s Handbook
Scopist Handbook
Webster’s Dictionary/Thesaurus
One Word/Two Word
Physician’s Desk Reference
Lawyer’s Handbook
Toxic Tort Reference Guide
Lexis Nexis

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