I have been using Trend Micro for years.  I'm considering switching to something free if there's something out there that is good that does not cost me anything.

I have several computers.  I have a computer for at home that I edit on.  It is constantly hooked up to the internet.  I have the computer I take to jobs.  It is rarely on the internet.  I have two netbooks that I use to supply to attorneys for realtime.  They are rarely on the internet.  I currently have antivirus software on all of my computers.  All of my computers have Windows for operating systems.

What do you use?

Thanks for your input.


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I used to us Trend Micro for a few years and kept getting viruses...........I actually use Norton Internet Security.  You can usually buy it at Amazon for $20 or less and it's good for up to three computers.  Then $40 yearly renewal.  It has been good.

And it's not a hog like it used to be on your system.  They really made it better.  I only have an antivirus on my desktop, though, none of my laptops, as I never put them online.

You have to be super careful on taking a "free antivirus" because it is (quite often) not the real thing.

I like Norton too.  I got mine, paid $10.00 more and got the Norton Utilities (which is great).

I use the Avira free version on my loaner netbooks, and it does the job.  I used to use that on my primary computer as well, but I upgraded to the pay version, which I can't remember offhand what that cost, but it wasn't terribly expensive.  I've never had any computer issues due to viruses as far as I know.

I use Microsoft Essentials.   It's free and I think it's pretty good.

Eset works really well.  Never a problem.

Norton is way too large and slows down my computer.  Also, it makes my computer lock up when doing realtime.  Right now I don't have any antivirus software because I'm not sure which one won't lock up my computer.  I know I need to have it, though....

How do you find out if your computer is 32 bit or 64 bit??

Kelli, if you're using Win7, right-click on Computer on your desktop, choose Properties, and you'll see that info right there.

I couldn't find it by doing that.  This is my hubby's computer that he gave me and he told me it's 32 bit.  I guess you need to know that when downloading the antivirus software.  Thank you.

Are you on a different OS than Win7, like XP?  If you are, I can fire up my old computer and see if that info is in a different place in XP.


I always deactivate my antivirus before I start my realtime jobs.


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