Well, work is winding down so I'm actually having some time to watch TV at night.  Last night I started watching Downton Abbey.  It's a series that is currently on PBS.  I think it's in season 3 on TV.  I am starting from episode 1 and streaming it on Netflix.  OMG, it's really good.  It's a total thumbs up.  How about you?  Have you seen anything you would like to share?

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I just watched "The Good Lie."  Such a great movie.  It is about The Lost Boys.

Don't watch the last two episodes of Outlander!!!! especially the last one.  Some things you just can't UNSEE! Very disturbing.

I started watching Veep with Julia Louis Dryfess.   It's like The Office, only politics.   Season 3 is the best. It's absurd humor, making fun of shallow, petty politicians.  Fun subject matter!  It's crude though.

There's a new show from the UK that just started called, "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell," which is about a couple of magicians using magic to help during the Napoleonic Wars.

There will be only seven parts to this show, so make sure you check it out, because when those seven episodes are done, that's it!


Bloodline is one of the best series I've ever seen.  It's on Netflix.  You will be addicted!

Great series on History Channel is Texas Rising.

I never saw Misery until last night!! WOW!!

Isn't that a great movie?  Kathy Bates won an academy award for that movie.

I have always loved the movie Dolores Claiborne.  Same writer, same actress.  Great acting by Kathy Bates.  In fact, it's a travesty she wasn't nominated for an Oscar for it like she was for Misery.

I heard that one was based on a true incident, but Stephen King did not elaborate on what that "incident" was!

Just discovered a new TV show last night, called, "Zoo," which is based on the novel of the same name by James Patterson.

Briefly, this one is about a biologist whose father had some weird theories on how one day, all of the animals in the world would wise up and get rid of their main threat -- humans.

We see that start in the first episode ... and I was hooked after the first ten minutes.

I watched "Woman in Gold" last night.  I really liked it.  Helen Mirren is great.  Ryan Roberts does a great job and Katie Holmes does a fine job.  It is a legal drama, true-to-life story.

Tonight is the finale of Downton Abbey.


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