Well, work is winding down so I'm actually having some time to watch TV at night.  Last night I started watching Downton Abbey.  It's a series that is currently on PBS.  I think it's in season 3 on TV.  I am starting from episode 1 and streaming it on Netflix.  OMG, it's really good.  It's a total thumbs up.  How about you?  Have you seen anything you would like to share?

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I am continuing to watch Downton Abbey.  I watched the first season on Netflix (streaming).  After that you have to get the disks in the mail. I found it on Amazon Prime to stream.  I am trying out Amazon's streaming service.  Amazon has a one-month free trial so I am giving it a try so I don't to wait for the disks in the mail :-).

Kelli, I totally agree with you about Breaking Bad.  It is awesome.  

Janet, thanks for the tip on Sons of Anarchy.  I'm going to give it a try.

Amazon Prime membership gives you free streaming.  We only just got  a TV that would do that, so it will be interesting to try when we get that part setup.

I started to watch last night "Nip/Tuck" through Netflix.  It is really good.  It had five stars, which is the highest rating you can get, so I thought I'd try it.  Only on the pilot, though.

Love Downton Abbey.   The new season starts January 6th.  There's also a remake of Upstairs Downstairs that you should check out.

I just thought of another show.  It's called Bomb Girls.  It's on The Reelz Channel.  It takes place during World War II.  It's about women who work in a factory making bombs.  I know that description isn't so interesting, but it's really a good show.

Also for anyone out there who likes Sons of Anarchy, you should check out The Underbelly series.  It's an Australian show that I am so addicted to that every time it comes on I watch it again.  Each season is based on true stories of the drug underworld in Australia for a certain period of time.  I can't say enough about how great this show is.

Ooh, TV shows, huh?

I've been enjoying "Scandal" for one and a half seasons thus far.  Start with the first episode though; otherwise, you'll be hopelessly lost!

The SyFy Channel has been gleefully announcing they will be carrying the Canadian series, "Continuum" starting this month, if I recall correctly.

The good news:  The first season is over already, and you can watch the whole series at the above link.  The show is about a cop from the future who was accidentally (?) transported to our time along with a group of terrorists who are planning on changing the future.

REELZ Network started showing the Canadian TV series, "XIII The Series" about six months ago, but as soon as I saw their commercial for the show, I started looking and I found it (link's above).

If you liked the Jason Bourne movies, you'll enjoy "XIII The Series."

Fair warning about those last two links:  Lotsa pop-ups.  The rules of thumb I use when viewing videos on that site are simple:

(1)  Kill all pop-ups.

(2)  No need to subscribe or log in, so close that window as well.

(3)  If you can watch a video on YouTube, you're not "missing any CODECs", so ignore those warnings -- er, ads.

(4)  Close the two small windows (there's a clearly labeled link for that)  below the video you select; sometimes they start playing spontaneously.

(5)  Use Firefox -- just in case.  Internet Explorer will install a toolbar without your permission instantly, and these toolbars are rife with viruses.  At least Firefox is nice enough to ask first.

Finally, I *was* going to recommend the UK series, "Merlin," but after five years, they were suddenly cancelled (grrr!!!).

Hopefully something good will come out of the ashes .....

Oh, yeah, forgot about Shameless.  I love that show on Showtime I think.  William Macey is a loser dad with about six or seven kids, no mom.  He's a drunk and never around, but it is pretty funny.  Don't know how they make something funny about something so sad, but he's pathetic. 

Great show.  I'm not so sure you have to watch it from the beginning, but it would help to get a sense of the cast of characters.

I really like Homeland.  It is on Showtime.  They have finished season 2 but you can probably still see the episodes if you have the "on demand" feature on your cable system.  It is one where you have to start at the beginning and watch it or you will not understand what is going on.  It is excellent.

Yeah, someone told me that the Homeland TV series is really good.  Boy, I have lots of shows to check out, that's for sure.  This will keep me busy for a while.  LOL

I took have gotten into Mad Men this past few months.  It's really good.  I'm hooked.

Are they all alcoholics?  They are ALWAYS having a drink at all times of the day and night.  They all have

little mini bars in their offices.

Don't they all smoke like chimneys too?  I watched one episode and that's what I was seeing.  Oh, yeah, they seem to cheat on their wives a lot too.

Well, the smoking, I know was big in those years, but they have a drink in their offices ALL THE TIME.  Are they all alkis?


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