Does anyone know anything about Atkins & Baker?  I keep getting e-mails from them asking me to do jobs for them in my area.  I have no idea how they got my information, and I have never responded to any of them. 

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I've worked for them in the past and have no issues whatsoever.  they pay the original in 30 days approximately and copies are paid when the attorney pays

If you do take jobs from them, make sure before each job you ask the page rate.  They have contract work at a lower rate.  I never did the work at the contract rate, they had to get approval beforehand for me to get regular rate.   Ask all the questions on the different rates and get it in writing, i.e., expedite, rough, expert, video, interpreter so you know before taking a  job.  Also remember if you turn in your job one date late they will hold your pay another 30 days (or they used to about five years ago, even though they used to hound you until 9:00 o'clock at night to take a job because they don't believe in giving jobs away).  Other than that, they are good for the money, and also on copy jobs they will pay you, whether it's six months or a year down the road, so no worries about them keeping the copy money. 

Sorry, Jeanese, you are right.  You didn't.  Trisha did.   Brain freeze I guess.

Theee best agency to work for!  They "always pay" and never make accounting mistakes.  Also, they have a wide variety of work.  Oh, did I mention, they are very professional.  You have to appreciate that in this business when we are independent contractors at the mercy of a variety of agencies whom operate in different ways.  Anyway, by far, they are thee best agency I have ever worked for. I've used "the best agency" twice in this blog.  I guess I'm being redundent - oops, misspelling, meant to say "redundant."  

I worked for them many years ago.   They paid promptly.  Their rates were always low.  I think the last time I refused to accept their rate.   I haven't heard from them in years.  I would rather not work for their rates.

They pay great per diems for court and hearings.  Last hearing I got a $500 per diem.  Their PI rates are pretty standard.


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