My name is Jessie Edwards and I am a Case CAT scopist based in Montana. I am currently available for full time, part time, overflow, expedite, and daily copy. I offer competitive rates and a discount for the first job that I scope for you. I provide full-audio editing or spot check.
I also can do what I call word proof. This service works great for the reporter that has had bad luck with scopists and doesn't want to deal with training one to your preferences. I will go through your file with audio and just make sure all the words are in it with the correct speakers. This is, of course, at a discounted rate that is negotiable based on the quality of your work in general.
Some of the benefits I can offer you: Great research skills; pay attention to detail; easy to work with; easy to get in touch with; I have experience with technical, medical, railroad, and various other depos; references; one of the few scopists that can promise a quick turnaround time and follow through.
If you are interested in my services, please contact me at I will then send over a list of my references and rates and a preference sheet. I am also happy to do a small, 20 or 30 pages, sample job for you.

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