Does anyone have a comprehensive list of states that require licensure and states that do not? And for the states that do require a license, do they offer reciprocity if you are licensed in another state?

It's not like I'd want to be a CSR in Alaska or anything (not that there's anything wrong with Alaska, of course), but I've just always been curious.

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Thanks, Kathryn!

I know Texas has reciprocity for out-of-state licensees.

If reporters from other states know their state's requirements, it would be great and much appreciated if you could chime in. Maybe we could piece it together and come up with a list here. :)

I "could" do the research, I suppose, but ... that would take quite some time. :/
Hi Kathryn,

I will be moving from California to Missouri as soon as I finish school and take the Calif. test. I also plan to take the Mo. test also. Can you tell me, is there work out there? Whats it like? I will be moving to Cabool. We all ready have the land and will have to build our house. Any info and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Please add me as a friend and I will send you some info as well about Missouri.
I have been licensed in Washington, Idaho and Arizona. Idaho accepts proof of the RPR to be licensed there. In Arizona you must have the RPR and then pass a written examination specific to AZ laws, and I believe that test is given three times a year.
I haven't checked this one (typing this offline) but I found this link in my bookmarks ....

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
Indiana does not currently require certification. However, ISRA is in the process of changing this for all methods: steno, voice and ER.
MA does not require licensure. NH does require licensure. From what I understand, you have to take NH's test or pass the RPR within one year prior to applying. They do not accept RPR or RMR unless it's within the year.
"MA does not require licensure."

Cool! So does this mean I could literally go "hang out" in Boston and hopefully pick up a little bit of work while I "hang out"??? And how is the work situation: plenty, average ... praying for rain?

The more info I get on all the states, the more excited I'm getting about being a gypsy reporter! Yay! :D

We're more than praying for rain; we're praying for a hurricane. In 33 years, this is the worst drought I have ever seen.

Ugh, that sucks! I hope things get better soon!
Don't know if this will be helpful, but we do not have to pass any tests to work in NY (You'd think they would be one of the states most worried about it!). And I know when I had contact a HI agency (quite a while ago b/c we have fam over there) they said I would just need my RPR.
Hi, Erica. I'm particularly interested in NY because I have this notion in my head that it would be fun to "hang out" in NY, maybe a month or so, take a job here or there to pay for my hotel stay. :)

So, does this mean I could just "drop in" and work in NY? How easy/difficult would it be for me to get work?



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