Eclipse reporter and captioner Chuck Motter has fallen ill

I just learned yesterday from one his children that longtime reporter and captioner Chuck Motter (Lenexa, KS) had a serious stroke earlier last week and nearly didn't make it.  My understanding is that he is improving but has a tremendous road ahead of him.

For more information and regular updates from his family/friends, they have set a CaringBridge website for him.  You may also leave your well-wishes for Chuck on that site!

Thank you.


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I'm so sorry to hear that.  Praying for Chuck.

FYI, he is in Lenexa, Kansas, not Missouri.  

I always screw that up; thanks for the correction!

Sure.  I only mentioned it in case someone wanted to mail a card or something like that.

I won't post his address publicly, but anyone who contacts me in the industry privately, I think that would be fine.  FYI, he's had some serious setbacks in the past 24 hours. After being transferred out of ICU yesterday, blood clots were discovered. They can't be treated with blood thinners due to the brain bleeding.  The professionals had a difference of opinions and recommended he be transferred to Research Medical Center for more expert opinions, and according to the family, it is wait-and-see with hopes they can do less-invasive procedures to kill the clotting instead of "risky" surgery! 

Yes, I just read the most recent blog.  Pray and then pray some more for him and his family.

With all the bitching and moaning many of us do daily (or even hourly) we have to be thankful for what we have, that is for sure.

Yes, this kind of thing puts everything in perspective.


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