I'm looking for advice on ergonomic desk chairs.  Has anyone tried a Soma chair or any other brand?  Except for Office Depot and Staples, there doesn't seem to be any way to try them personally, you just have to mail order and hope it works out.  So any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated!

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There is one chair out there that is amazing.  It costs like 800.00 though.  I can't remember the name of it.  A lot of the dot-com firms had them when they went out of business; I always wanted to buy a used one.  I chair is everything in this business.  The older I get, the more I appreciate my chair.

Unfortunately, we have to use the chairs they give us at deposition sites.   My least favorite situation is when they hold a depo in a hotel meeting room, where the chairs are actually dining room chairs.  They give you absolutely no back support because the chair back inclines away from you, and they have no arms, so there's no place to rest your arms to preserve your wrists.

They just think we're machines.




that's why i always take my back cushion with me, extra to lug around, but well worth it

Today I took a seat wedge, a lumbar support and a lappad (like a reportit).  The lawyer probably thought I was crazy.  But surely someone out there has bought or tried a Soma or a Human Solutions or Human Scale chair.   Where are you guys?

When you live in an area where you have to take public transportation to a job, it's really not feasible to carry your own chair, or all of this orthpaedic gear.   If you're driving to a job, it's of course much easier.

Hmm, I'm talking about a chair for the computer at home, but it's no picnic even with the car.  Mostly I work in court doing short hearings and using all this stuff is impossible there.

I borrow my husband's desk chair when he's not home.  It's a Steelcase Leap V-2.  It's amazingly comfortable.  I want to buy one at some point.  We purchased it from Madison Seating.  I probably will buy the one with the low back instead, which is $499 (instead of $1000).  Their chairs are out of the box or floor models (is what they say), so they are not completely brand new, but his didn't seem to be worn at all.  We have had it for a year and a half and it's been great.  Here's the link to the one I want.


awesome looking chair

i may buy one, too!!

i am saving the link to the chair


If you go to the Steelcase website there are a lot more choices, but I haven't looked closely enough at it to see if they really specialize in ergonomic chairs.  Today I should be getting  a list of local places I can see Soma chairs (they actually make a chair just for court reporters with a space for the tripod cut out!) and also Human Solution have websites where you can customize the chair.  What I'm hoping to do is get exactly the right chair if I'm going to spend that much money buying something over the Internet.


would you be so kind as to post the link when you find it for the soma chairs?

i'm interested in what a chair with a cutout for the tripod looks like.



Hi, Kathy:

Here's the link i found:


I just Googled "Soma court reporter" - I couldn't find a price (not a good sign!) - and I too don't need one to lug to depos/hearings; just looking for something for my home office.  The one I have is terrible and my PT is not happy.  I saw an ad for a Nada product - it looks interesting but don't know anything about it.  It's not a chair; it's something you wear connecting your lumbar and bent knees.  I agree that Staples and Office Max have not been helpful and would love to be able to try something that works, preferably a chair.  I know they can be pricey; $800 is really too pricey for me, though, at this time!


Here's the Soma link.  http://www.somaergo.com/index.shtml  .  Steelcase seems to be a top of the line product, too.  I'm really interested in the Soma chair because they run around $500 (it's on their website, you just have to keep looking) and anyone who thought enough to make a special chair for us can't be bad :)  However, I've found a lot of other info and other brands which I want to follow up on.  If you're in California, you're lucky, they have a lot of distributors there.  I'm far away though and having a really bad time connecting with their rep.

I'll keep you posted as I get more info together.


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