I am a fairly new freelance court reporter in new york, and I was wondering if anybody could tell me the going rate in new york state for an expedited transcript? I have two agencies paying me $.25 a page for expedited work, but I feel like that is so low.

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Seems like every region has "their" way of handling things, but .25/pg does seem very low. What type of turnaround time is that?

I'm in So Cal and the customary expedite fee is +100% for next day, decreasing 10% every day thereafter, excluding holidays and weekends.

Maybe some NY reporters can give you a better idea of specific rates in your area.
Google my name and call me. I will give you my thoughts!!
Hi, Arielle. I have been thinking of times long ago when there was a union in New York that protected our rates and set a standard for what was acceptable. The rate structure wasn't completely fair and did not distinguish between experienced and non-experienced reporters, but a base rate was created and adhered to by most agencies. Today, I received a phone call from a CA agency who asked if I would report a job for a rate that was less than I got 20 years ago!! I don't think it is a good idea to accept an unspeakably low rate even during tough times. The question is, how low will we go? Take Care. Anita.
I guess it would be an okay rate for the 8th day, but are you talking the next day or two or three? I wouldn't do it for .25. I don't know the going rate there, though.
It is low, however how many days is the turnaround? Are you scoping and proofing your own work? That also makes a difference. I'm in the business 17 years. Raises are far and few between and it's not what you think. You can e-mail me at realtimerptrny@aol.com if you have any other questions about reporting New York.
You cannot get information on exact rates per page. It is unethical and more importantly you are skirting price fixing laws. 25 cents a page? Something wrong here.
I don't know about rates in New York, but $.25 for expedite is very low, even if it is a five-day turnaround. I also have never heard of a different rate whether you're a new reporter or a reporter in the business for years. As stated in a previous comment, the expedite rate usually is 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50 percent and so on per page depending on the day transcripted is requested. The only advice I would have is make sure to get a list of the rates before taking any job, and then decide whether you want to work for that firm or not. There are firms in CA that I would not work for in the past because their rate was so much lower than the rates I was getting paid, but now since work is very slow I will take anything I can get. $.25 is the fee, in my area, that most reporters get paid extra when there is an interpreter, video and/or telephone deposition, NEVER for an expedite.
Jennifer, I think I know how NY operates, so maybe you want to clarify ... when you say they're paying you 25 cents per page for an expedited transcript, you either mean 25 cents TOTAL, or you mean 25 cents ON TOP OF what you're paid for a copy sale. Some reporters in other parts of the country may be stunned to know the answer there, since some NY firms don't pay reporters for copy sales at all.

it depends upon when they want it. same day/next day is double, then down 10% each day. So an expedite in one week is usually 50%. This is in California, though, but it should be the same. Wouldn't work for any less. Page rate out here is anywhere from 3.25 to 3.50


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