It looks so beautiful, but it is all that it's cracked up to be? Have the stacking issues of the Mira been resolved? Anyone?

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You're right about the USB connection with the PC charging the battery - that's pretty helpful.
Yes, there are really 4 power sources and you can use the USB to a computer and it will charge up your battery. I am or was a hard-nosed paper writer reporter and it took a while to make me feel comfortable and "safe:" without paper. But I do feel that way with this writer and some others also. I hope all of you realize we are on the same team and be nice while arguing who has the best writer. Remember to not talk about something "bad" unless you have actually worn those shoes. I hope that makes sense. I just am hearing a lot about what this has and doesn't have and those who are critical are saying it does not have a lot of things when in fact it actually does have those things. So just call your sales rep and ask them; they, Stenograph, has one for every state and I am sure they are more than happy to answer your questions and give you the real answers. Have fun.
I've been at the convention for a few days now and have been testing all of the writers here. I have to admit that I didn't want to like the Diamante, but I really do. I really like the smaller size of the machine. This machine is much smaller than the Mira. The touch is beautiful. I wrote on it for quite a while to see if it would stack. It didn't. The keys are not adjusted individually. Every letter came out as it should. They explained that the key is registered one it's pressed down, so even if you don't release some of the keys immediately they will not be stacked into the next stroke.

The machine comes in two colors, platinum gray and blue ice. I, personally, like the blue ice.

I liked the touch on the Passport, too.
The Passport's anti-stacking function wasy okay - so much of the rest of it was awful, unfortunately, on the one I got. I am hoping to send it back.
Repeat: The Diamante is everything it's cracked up to be. And I'm amazed at the stacking strokes I know DON'T have, though were my fault, but have disappeared writing on the Mira. For example: WR-U and WHR-U (were you vs. whether you) never happen now.

Have disappeared writing on the DIAMANTE. My bad, so sorry.

Were you and you were ALWAYS stack on my Mira. I hate that. Stenograph used to tell me it is the user (me) and not the machine that has the problem. Very helpful.
I just bought the Mira A3 last year because I thought it was the latest and greatest thing. I wish I would have known about the Diamante then. I like the fact it seems lighter. I have not been that crazy about my A3 at all. Lots of stacking issues and I can never seem to fine tune it just right. Too bad I just paid 4800 for it.

I just cannot bring myself to buy another one quite yet.
Hi, Kelli.

You didn't qualify for the trade-in program?


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