If you have a question about an agency, post the agency name here along with your e-mail address, and someone who's familiar with the agency will e-mail you back. Please do not post any negative comments.

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Has anyone heard of TSG? They're out of New York but have an office here.
My e-mail is sandmitch@yahoo.com
TSG is the Best agency to work for - Love them!!
I sent you an email Friday afternoon. Check your spam folder.
Yes, I have!
I live in Northern California. I have been doing A LOT of work for TSG lately! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! They are extremely organized and on top of things. They pay every two weeks on EVERYTHING.

I work with TSG!  They have great work and great rates!

Their office is open 24-7, so they can get the transcript out when you download in the wee hours of the morning or late at night.

Teri Gibson, Court Reporter

Magna Legal Services in Philadelphia, PA. My email is mytwins@cox.net.
I like Magna, Lisa. I sent you an email that bounced back.
Weird that the email bounced back. My in box and junk folders are not full. If anything, it should have just gone into my junk folder! Maybe try my other address if you'd still like to send it, mytwins96@gmail.com.

Thanks for the reply.
Hi Lisa, I'm interested in Magna Legal Services also. Have you gotten positive replies about
the company? elisedance@yahoo.com
Aiken & Walsh in California. First name may not be right. My e-mail is lalaw@douglasfast.net
The firm is Aiken and Welch out of Oakland, CA. I will e-mail a friend to see if she's ever worked for them. I know they have been around for quite some time, but that's all I know.
Some of my friends have done jobs from them. They had no problems with them.


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