Have you ever tried an over-the-counter cold remedy like Zicam?

I have so many pages to get out and I have no time to be sick and so I caught a cold.  My sister said, try Zicam.  I tried it and it worked.  I still got a cold but the Zicam shortened the amount of time I had it and it didn't turn into bronchitis like it usually does.  Today I'm almost well and I think I started taking the Zicam about 4-5 days ago.

Now I am noticing Cold Eez and some others.  Have you ever tried one of these products?  Did it work for you or not?  I did start taking this at the very first sign of the cold which they say to do.

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I love Zicam.  However, you have to get the kind you spray up your nose and you have to do it at the first sign of a cold; i.e., when you start to get a sore throat.  It won't work if you wait to after that point.  Seriously, your cold will last a quarter of the time and hardly any symptoms.  Love the stuff!!

I wish you posted this about three days ago.  :)  Next time I will try Zycam.

Janet, you and I caught it at almost the same time.  I didn't want to post until I was sure it had worked. 

I put this up b/c I didn't think this stuff worked but I was so in need of a cure I had to give it it try.  Yep, it worked for me.  Kelli said to use the spray.  I used the disks that you take and you let them dissolve in your mouth.  I will look for the spray next time.

I've been suffering with a nasty sinus infection for exactly two weeks.  I've had bronchitis twice since December.  I've been working like a dog and keep getting sick because of it.

I swear by Mucinex for chest colds/cough.  It really helps.  There's a saline nasal spray, Simply Saline,  that's great for cleaning out the sinuses.  You have to get over feeling anxious when you spray it, because you really have to put the nozzle up as far as it will go.  Works wonders for helping drain the gunk out  and you can use it as often as you like because it's saline.  My doctor recommended Neo-Synephrine and Sudafed for clearing up and drying up the nasal congestion and the fluid you get in your ear canals.  I have trouble sleeping if I take, though.

BTW, I had to stop mid post to blow my nose for the millionth time! : (

Yes, I took Mucinex (pills) last August b/c I got bronchitis and it really worked.

Zicam has a formula for sinus infections too.  i noticed that when I bought mine.

Hope you get better soon!!!  I hate being sick.

There has been a class-action lawsuit against Zicam.  Users of Zicam claim a permanent loss of sense of smell.   This is the reason why I won't use Zicam.  Just a little FYI.  :)


Cynthia, I think that was for the nose swabs.  I used the lozenges.  So far I'm not having any negative side effects and my cold seems to be gone.  I can't believe it.

I took a depo in the Zicam case.   It was a certain type if Zicam that I never took.  It's also not on the market any longer.

I loved the Zicam swabs -- worked great for me.  I didn't lose my sense of smell but I know someone who did. 

I have been battling a "BIG runny nose" since mid December.  It all drained into my lungs and you could hear it.

My dad kept giving me antibiotics.  I got the 12-hour Zicam last night.  Within an hour I could tell a difference.  This morning the back of my nasal area is not wet.

After two weeks of being sick, I went to the doctor today.  There was the possibility of a very long trial coming up next week and I simply couldn't risk still being sick.  My day freed up, my GP saw me right away, $8.99 prescription should have me feeling better in a couple of days.  And then I found out the case settled.  :D


Oh, well, at least it will get you better.  And who knows, maybe an all-day O&10 is in the near future.


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