Here's the sentence as I think it should read:
A. She also had a decrease in external rotation, extension, and abduction which are all shoulder movements, and these were restricted by pain.

My question has to do with the word "abduction." It was spoken like "A-B-duction." I took that to mean that he was pronouncing it that way to make clear that the word was abduction rather than adduction. Do you agree, or do you think it's supposed to be something else? I think I have it right, but I'm second-guessing myself. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Yes, abduction is correct.
Thank you, Sherry. I just talked to a physical therapist friend of mine, and she explained that doctors frequently pronounce it that way just to make it clear for their medical transcriptionists and oftentimes even when speaking to one another because "abduction" and "adduction" sound so similar. I think that's a great idea and wish they would do it with other words or prefixes too, like "hypo" and "hyper." Boy, those are hard to hear the difference in sometimes.

Thanks again, Sherry. I really appreciate the confirmation.


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